The figures provided below for non-profit and projects sponsored to assist or provide catscapes to lower-income households are reduced 30%.
The pricing below excludes the cost of materials and any travel-related expenses. (Travel expenses are only incurred for projects over 50 miles from a team's location.)

Step 1: Selecting a team
Step 2-A: Consultation/Design
Step 2-B: Furniture-making
Step 2-C: Mural painting
Step 3: Ordering
Step 4: Assembly/Installation (including touch-up)
Step 5: A/V set-up and tutorial*
Per Hour



30-minute max
8-hours min.
2-hours min.
10-hours min.
1-hour minimum
3-hour minimum

3-hour minimum
Sample normal cost per ten -piece catscape w/add-ons
$480 (for 2 pc's)

*Though not guaranteed at this early stage, keep in mind that your share of cat-streaming revenue could potentially cover this expense and more over time.
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