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Join the Catscapes Team!
Catscapes extends an open invitation to talented and passionate designers, builders, artists, crafts-people, and technicians to help us create catscapes on a subcontractor basis. We are eager to see you working and thriving, and the more locations and variety of styles we can offer, the better we are for our clients.

Important to note:
97% of profits are passed along to our subcontractors!

Application Process
The designer acts as lead and point-person for an "ensemble" that must include the following in addition to the designer him or herself:
  • Someone skilled at assembling / and installing pieces (often shelves) cleanly and securely.
  • Someone who can build high-quality furniture as needed.
  • Someone who will do the painting for touch-ups. (It is ideal but not required that the painter be skilled enough to render murals if so desired by clients.)
  • Someone with technical savvy to help set up web-cams and similar add-ons when so desired by clients.
A fundamental qualification of the designer is that he or she is good with people along with respectful and understanding of how cats relate, move, interact, and behave. An actual love of cats is not required but is ideal.

It is acceptable if one person is capable of more than one role (for instance an installer is often capable of painting and may even be able to make furniture, and a designer might be or become capable of providing A/V support) as long as the individual is well qualified to do so. It is necessary that all roles are filled competently in order to constitute a complete ensemble at all times, from the point of applying onward.

Any/each change in ensemble personal requires a $75 fee to make associated adjustments at headquarters. Otherwise there is just a one-time fee of $250 to cover the cost of initially coordinating and integrating the designer and his or her ensemble into our system once they are approved. In turn, Catscapes provides the following:
  • Advertising of the ensemble on the Catscapes website.
  • Advertising of any relevant products that, for example, the crafts-person in the ensemble might want to produce and sell through
  • 97% percent of the profit from any Catscapes service and product performed/produced by the ensemble and its members.
  • Referrals (i.e. obviously when the ensemble is requested specifically, also when the ensemble is well located and/or stylistically/aesthetically well suited to the client).
  • Our designers have access to any and all discounts Catscapes can make available (i.e. pre-made as well as raw materials used for making catscapes)
  • An on-line forum to discuss creative, technical, and logistical ideas and issues related to catscapes.
  • A share of cat-streaming profits! This is potentially the most valuable benefit of all in that 10% of cat-streaming profits is divided among all A-list ensembles. An A-list ensemble is any ensemble that has been active (created a catscape through us) within the last year or who joined the Catscapes team before 2019.
To join the Catscapes team, a designer must submit the following:
  • $100 to cover the cost of reviewing the application.
  • Resumes and/or websites pertaining to each ensemble member.
  • Copy of all insurances.
  • One sample catscape. The sample catscape must consist of the following:
    • Two adjacent eight-foot walls (so the corner is included)
    • The use of at least seven cat-specific pieces (custom-made or not) mounted to the walls (additional pieces that go on the floor are encouraged but do not count towards the seven wall-mounted piece minimum)
    • Each wall must contain at least one "challenge-aspect" (such as a window or doorway, a sink or a dresser, a TV or piece of art, wall-heater or fireplace, etc.)
    • The environment must be or emulate a real living- or business-situation. In other words, the design must be practical for human as well as feline use!
Because the sample catscape is going to function as a sample of the ensemble's work on the Catscapes website, it must be designed, built, assembled, painted, installed, and finished by the members of the submitting designer's ensemble exclusively.

The sample catscape can be in someone's home or business for actual use or staged. If doing this for someone, it is important to obtain permission to submit and post pictures if not videos of the completed project on the Catscapes website prior to commencing the work.

Submit an Application. (Link coming soon, for now, use contact us form to get in touch.)

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