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Annabelle (b. 2013)

Everyone told me I would know when I found "my cat." I had been to several shelters over the course of some months and was giving up when Annie caught my eye. Moving among many other cats, she seemed completely at ease and in her own world at just six months. I was captivated by her rabbit-soft fur and her tendency to fall down and roll over for no apparent reason.

In an effort to be measured in my decision-making, I told the person at the shelter that I needed 24-hours to decide and would be back. But just as the shelter was about to close, a young couple came in. I panicked. Unlike the other cats I'd taken some interest in, I was unconsoled by the thought of her finding a good home, even if it was not mine. I took that as my cue: this is my cat.

Boris & Arlo (b. 2016)

Annie had me all to herself for over a year. I was warned that she might not like sharing me and that cats, perhaps especially female cats, don't like other cats or sharing their space. I didn't even want another cat, much less two. However, I was out a lot and she wanted to play more than I could keep up with. So I took the risk of bringing her siblings. I figured if she didn't take to them, they'd have each other and I could stay focused on her.

I had gone to the shelter to meet a different pair of kittens, but it was Boris and Arlo who captured my heart. Arlo reached beyond the cage to pet my nose and Boris gave me eye contact like a long lost soul. They also seemed super-well bonded, never leaving each others side and each exploring whatever the other one had discovered or tried. 

Trouble was, someone had claimed them already!
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